Gift Box N°1 (Limited Edition)

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Sleeping Beauty
Our curated gift box for beautiful sleep, rest and relaxation, all for a special price and only for a short time.
Included in the box are

- A brocade sleep mask, inside 100% silk
- Inside a fragrant lavender pillow, removable
- Four metaphysical badges
 - "All the Flowers" Herbal Tea from Paper& Tea

Everything nicely packed in a nude colored gift box.
For hygienic reasons this box is not returnable!

Here everything explained again individually:

sleep mask:
For beautiful sleep or to meditate

Our new sleep mask made of our couture brocade with beautiful rose pattern, the back is made of pleasant 100% Mulberry silk. The sleep mask does not only look great, it can do something too. For especially restful sleep not only by light protection, but by the inside pillow filled with fragrant lavender flowers. The pillow is removable. Lavender not only smells wonderful but has many great properties. Lavender has both a calming and mood-lifting effect and helps to relieve anxiety, deal with stress better, improve sleep disorders or balance inner restlessness.

The mask is lined with a soya cotton insert for easy padding even without a pillow. The rubber strap is adjustable in size and especially soft.

Material :
Outer material: brocade
Inside : 100% Mulberry Silk Satin
Interlining: Soy Cotton
Cushion fabric: 100% cotton
Lavender flowers of controlled cultivation, completely natural and therefore especially fragrant

Metaphysical badges :
Big button: Diameter : 55mm
- Dream / artwork by Yoko Ono

Small buttons: Diameter: 36mm
- Clouds / let go
- Amethyst/ Healing Stone: Soothing, to enhance sweet dreams
- Moon / Fly to

All the Flowers, Herbal Tea:
Healing herbal recipe of flowers and leaves with the concentrated power of the late summer sun, all from the great tea house Paper& Tea from Berlin.

50g content:
Blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, peppermint, rose hips,
Sunflower blossoms, apple pieces, cat's paws, marigold blossoms, mallow, heather, delphinium

Silkmask Colour


€60.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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